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A local girl.

Collecting a Livonia Police pension.

Husband was a Livonia Police Sgt and his father, a Livonia fireman.

Born and raised in Redford Township. Attended Keeler Elementary, Hilbert Jr. High and graduated Class of 81' from Redford Union.

My grandparents were founders of Lola Park Lutheran in Redford where I attended.

Was a paramedic in Redford for many years and as a nurse worked at Livonia St.Marys in the Emergency Department.

The new district 12 is a perfect fit for me. I currently have a home in the former 12th, however, with redistricting it became outside the boundaries. I recently sold my Livonia home to retire. I will have a year to relocate within the new boundaries and will probably choose Redford Township in my old neighborhood.

A registered nurse with a background in critical care, pulmonary and drug research, emergency, surgical intensive care; post liver transplants, vascular.

My research background was working within the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research Institute /Michigan Clinical Research Unit which was a multidisciplinary adult and pediatric center to include cancer and drug studies and funded by the NIH National Institutes of Health.Dr.Francis Collins, who headed the unit and a principle investigator left to be the Director the NIH.  I have been grant funded from NIH for more than half my career. 

Then,  was a research study coordinator for years. 

 I understand the high cost of prescriptions. I understand our health care system.  


Advocate for the disabled: I have a developmentally disabled sister, which I help care for. This includes veterans.


My goals

Since it is imperative that I get the democrat vote- my goals need to benefit  everyone.

Since this is only a 2 year gig-  wanted to choose things reasonable and attainable instead of the regular b.s by politicians.

  1. Would like to pen a bill to decriminalize cannabis at a federal level so it can be controlled at a state level. In Michigan, confusing since we do have federal state parks and international waters. Our doctors won't write for fearing loss of their medical license.Michigan still has federal raids on growers yet legal at a state level.
  2. Our border needs to be secured.  I have been to the border. Talked to agents. Michigan has already had a murder involving an illegal.
  3. I want to bring back federal funding for inpatient mental health care adding a detox floor that was stopped in the 80's.
  4. I want to start at least one direct patient care doctors office in the district to start.
  5. I want an ID necessary in order to vote. It only disappoints non citizens trying to influence our elections. (Democrats say poor black people wont be able to vote. To me-this is a slap in the face to those that died on the Selma bridge which I actually stood on a couple years ago.) You can call the office for a ride to the Secretary of State.

My 12th Wishlist (to start)

  • Would like to start a children's summer camp at Camp Dearborn if the city will let me. This camp is in Milford and would be for our district kids. I have been a  volunteer childrens summer camp nurse for 30yrs. I have a licensed summer camp director and staff for it already.THIS is where kids learn diversity. It gives parents a break and the kids have fun! 
  • An outdoor pool at Claude Allison Park. 3 huge neighborhoods surround it. All I wanted while growing up on Sumner was a pool. This pool would be at the end of the street for multiple  neighborhoods/families. A great place to relax or sit around the pool. Food trucks would be welcome. Just a great seasonal pool. I can also wish for a swim-up bar so my parents would take me to the pool:)
  • Add Historic Fort Wayne into our National Park system. Its the most intact fort I have seen in my travels closest to Sackett's Harbor in upstate NY. The historian at Battle of Richmond will put me in touch with 2 men that had 2 sites added to the registry. This historian already did the statistical work why battlefields are important to add. A great place for our kids to learn about the Spanish American war, Civil War, Korea, Vietnam , Jim Crow times. I did not like they moved the Tuskeegee Airmen exibit elsewhere. Coleman Young was a Tuskeegee Airman and had started it at the fort which I thought the best place. There is also an Indian burial mound still maintained my indigenous women. Although, not in the 12th- its a school roadtrip for us.


Political Achievements Past/Present:

  • Candidate for U.S House of Representatives 12th District
  • Candidate for U.S House of Representatives 13th District -I only ran for 2 months because Covid made me late with signatures. Spent $350 and came in 2nd. This tells me people are starting to care.
  • Republican National Convention Delegate
  • Wayne County Republican Committee Member
  • Michigan Republican Party Victory Member
  • Republican Nominated Candidate for State Representative (District 6. 13th Congressional- Detroit, Ecorse, River Rouge)
  •  State Convention Delegate
  • 2016-present: Elected Republican Precinct Delegate
  • Congressional District Member/Wayne County Republican Member
  • Poll Challenger
  • Attended Republican National Convention Cleveland 2016
  • Presidential invitation and attended Donald J Trump's Inauguration and Swearing in as well as the  Freedom Ball, General Motors PAC tickets to the Auto Alliance ball.
  • Presidential Invitations and attended 70th & 75th D-day Anniversary American Cemetery Ceremonies with Presidents Trump and Macron; Obama; Colleville-sur-Mer, France.
  • Pearl Harbor Day attendance yearly for around 10 years. Would like to attend as our state Congresswoman. 
  • Life Achievements Past/Present:

    • Registered Nurse [critical care, NIH research, emergency, medical researcher]

    • Spent 3 months in Kokomo, IN helping get the ventilators distributed. My job was laundry, meals and evening drinks coordinated with the manager of the hotel who was also on Kokomo City Council. My boyfriend was General Motors Global IT Manufacturing and the guys who volunteered to go down were working 16hr days. What they pulled off in such a short amount of time was a testimate that our auto workers are amazing. It is that boyfriend who inspired Walt's bill. He died in my arms

    • Livonia Police pensioner.

    • Former paramedic 

    • National Institutes of Health Funded Researcher; National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Multimillion-dollar Funded Research.

    • Published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

    • Former small business/ corporation owner with import/export experience China, India.I have done China factory visits.
    • Union labor negotiation team UMPNC/MNA 6000+ staff

    • Children's summer camp nurse - non-profit org. - {volunteer over 30yrs}

    • Michigan Nurses Association member

    • Michigan Board of Realtors member  

    • University of Michigan Professional Nurse Council

    • Graduate of Redford Union Class of 81'

    • Started and headed a Model United Nations high school program-(volunteer)

    • High school athletic coach-(volunteer)

    • Headed a community non-profit after school athletic program-(volunteer)

    • American Nurse Association member

    • Alpha Xi Delta Women's National Sorority  (Autism philanthropy)

    • Edison-Ford home member

    • Mote Marine Research Member

    • REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation}

    • Historic Fort Wayne Coalition




 For Fun:

I am a boater so constantly on my boat during the summer. Getting my 100 ton captain's license in the fall because I like to boat on the Great Lakes.Love to scuba dive and have been on dives around the world. You get to integrate with different cultures, so this is where my love of diversity and ethnic foods came from. Not here. I am passionate about clean oceans ,our reef system and waterways. I have picked up garbage on the bottom of our oceans. Am an explorer, traveled with a backpack to over 20 countries and will stay in a hostel or Airbnb and hang with locals when out of the country to learn about where I am.






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