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Affordable Health Care

I want to introduce Direct Patient Care.

Only about 1000 doctors practice this.

Preventive care is the best care.

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Walt's Bill: My bill to decriminalize medical marijuana at a federal level.

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Mental Health

I want to write a house bill to bring back federal funding for inpatient facilities and inpatient beds.

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A Trump Policy Supporter

My reasons for backing Trump is I agree with his policies first and foremost.  Read More

Covid mRNA Vaccines

I want a black box warning on these vaccines.

A boxed warning is the most serious warning by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Its purpose is to alert people about drug effects that may have serious side effects.

VAERS has over 1.6 million events with over 28,000 cases of myocarditis and over 37,000 deaths. 

My study that got a black box warning?

One potential danger from pushing a drug too fast!!


 The Supreme Court has ruled that abortion is a states rights issue. I am running for a Congressional seat in Washington. I have nothing to do with the State Legislature

Term Limits

Our Constitution has term limits.

6yrs for a Senator. 2 yrs for the U.S House.

Don't like them? Vote them.out.

Both Tlaib and Dingle lied to us for 2 years saying President Trump had Russian ties and they were voted back in?  Why are we tolerating this?


There are easier things we can do to reduce your carbon footprint without government control.

Landfills produce carbon dioxide (CO2) through the natural decomposition of organic waste by bacteria. In 2021, landfills released 122.6 million metric tons of methane into the atmosphere, which is 16.9% of the total U.S. methane emissions from all sectors. Methane and CO2 make up 90–98% of landfill gas, with the remaining 2–10% consisting of other gases




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Foreign Land Ownership.

A bill to restrict land ownership by a foreign entity.

A few countries have restrictions on how much of their prooerty can be owned by foreign entities.Iceland and Bermuda are examples.

No state can can have more than 25% (or another number) foreign ownership.

Japanese investors own an estimated 40% of commercial real estate in Hawaii as of 2022

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Gun Control

The Constitution does not have gun control. Constitutional carry is without restriction. To amend this, there needs to be a Convention of States which Michigan is already a part of.

Gun control is at the state level such as background checks or waiting times.

Guns are for defense only. 

I would like all that commit a crime with a gun reclassified as domestic terrorists.

I would like state-wide gun reciprocity.



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I want a 21st century interstate system.  Read More

Foreign Policy

Israel v Palestinians 

Russia v Ukraine

The federal government is exclusive to foreign policy excluding the states.

Therefore, you tell your congress person how you want her to vote.

Where Rashida fails is that she has a petition for us to sign on her site calling for a ceasefire in Gaza(which supports her terrorists)  ,however, no petition in support of it for those that dont support terrorism. She has a personal agenda but not the will of the people.

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Rashida Tlaib U.S House Censure

Why is this significant for our district:

Rashida Tlaib U.S House Censure


Rashida was the 28 censured representative since 1832. She called publicly for the destruction of Israel. 

Hitler called for the same.

We have Jewish constituents and history is repeating itself. Anyone that supports her is anti-semite so waiting to see how many we have in this district. 

Federal Grant Money

Much of the money raised is federal funds by way of grants.

With my research background, I can write grants on my own but if they give me a team-even better! 

Removing Rashida will not remove any money from our district.

It just may get us more money! 


When you decrease the tax RATE.

You increase revenue to your pocket, which you will spend right back into our economy.  President Trump did this in 2017. I agree with it 

Vulnerable People

My mother will open every email that looks official.have  She will open attachments.She will call back spammers. She now has so much junk mail-she doesnt see the real mail that us important. Her postal box is full of junk mail. Her phone is off because she gets so many junk calls. Her messaging gets 50 junk texts a day so that if I text her- she doesnt it see it right away.



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