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Foreign Policy

Israel v Palestinians

Israel is a U.S ally.

Palestinians are not.

The U.S, Canada, UK and MANY other countries do not recognize a state of Palestine. 
The U.S. does not maintain any official diplomatic offices in the Palestinian territories nor does it provide consular services to Palestinians, and the Palestinians have had no diplomatic representation in the U.S.

Hamas, a Palestinian political party did an unprovoked attack, gruesomly killed even beheaded children and took hostages including U.S citizens.

A ceasefire only benefits the terrorists. Until then, the world needs to fight Hamas and all terrorism. Its how we achieve world peace. Rashida Tlaib is in favor or terrorism as she has kept silent.


Gaza was given to Palestinians

2005- Gaza was given to Palestians




The Russian-Ukrainian War-explained in 10 minutes


RFK Jr is the only politician I have found that understands the politics of it and the U.S involvement. Another reason I want Trump back in office. Trump had an open dialogue with President Putin like RFK Jr wants and I truly believe this war would have never begun under his presidency.

I have been traveling to Russia as a tourist since the 80s and later adopted children from a Russian orphanage that hold dual citizenship.

I was in Moscow in 2014 when the events in Crimea happened and the coup of the Ukranian president. I remember the United States under Obama sanctioned Russia and my credit card no longer worked and my American Embassy in Moscow did nothing for me. Fortunately,  my credit union card I found later worked so skirted the sanctions.

This was when the civil war in Donbass started which was 90% Russian speaking and held a referendum to return to the Federation hecause of the Ukrainian treatment of them.

Over 14,000 Russians were killed and the Minsk Accords broken over the next 8yrs. My friends surfed the Azov Sea yearly and could hear the fighting. "We are not shooting ourselves" made sense to me.

I believe in Congress, I can help foreign relations with Russia.




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