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Flip the 12th red for 2 years so illegals do not get sent to our Wayne County sanctuary cities.

Help secure our borders.

Introduce a health care plan affordable to all regardless of citizenship status. (Canadians, family and friend visitors) For adults, average cost is $29-75/mo.

Decriminalize medical cannabis at the federal level to allow states to regulate.

Bring back federal funding for inpatient mental health to include a detox unit. This was stopped by Reagan in the 80s

Limit foreign ownership of land.

Black box warning on Covid vaccines. 

Research the wasteful spending in Washington.


(When I saw Lisa McClain stand in front of a 20" stack of papers, delivered at 1am and to be voted on the next day from the Democrats-I was stunned. We can do better.)

I won't vote for any bill over 100 pages and 2 weeks to review.

When it comes to a bill vote, I want 2 card votes for every piece of legislation only. (not voice) The first is that you read and understand the bill which will be on record. It is a felony to lie.The 2nd will be the vote. The rationale is to make sure legislators understand because who reads 1000 pages? Thats probably more than I read in 4yrs of college! I dont believe anyone understood that pile.


Committee to Elect Linda Sawyer
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