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I am anti-plastic. Have been a scuba diver for years and picking up plastic off of our ocean and inland floors. Plastics do not decompose and only 5% is recycled.

100,000 sea animals killed by plastics per year

Landfill Decomposition Rates

  • Manufacturers can sell milk,juices,eggs and more in biodegradable boxes.   
  • Donate clothes rather than put them in the trash.
  • Replace plastic straws with paper or coconut.
  • Use cloth diapers instead of disposable.
  • Learn to compost if you have a garden.

Finlands Vantaa Plant: Turning garbage into energy and heat.

I actually drove by this plant and wondered why we were so far behind. This also falls under infrastructure. 


My Green New Deal-Simplified.

  • Allow golfcarts in municipalities 25mph or less. It's what we do at my mom's in Florida. We take the golfcart up to Publix, pharmacy, anywhere within a few mile radius. The Villages is pretty much all golf carts. 
  • In Michigan, the city of Belleville now allows them.
  • In Detroit, a taxi cab company runs a 6 person electric cart.
  • These are affordable <$5000 so quite possibly would allow families that cant afford a car and its insurance to have local transportation.
  • It would open an entire new industry of vehicles. (Like a golf cart with heat!)
  • At these low speeds can share the road with full size vehicles.
  • 25mph zones are usually business, residential and school areas so guessing such a large area- CO2 emissions could drop drastically without government overreach.






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