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Mental Health

I want a house bill to bring back federal funding for inpatient facilities for mental health and the opioid crisis.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan federally deinstitutionalized mentally ill patients. The lack of institutional care of critically mentally ill patients in the United States has become a complicated problem that has resulted in victimization, homelessness, and incarceration of these individuals.

14 beds per 100,000 patients is NOT enough!!!

Impact of closing Northville State and others 


I was in the trenches as it happened both as a paramedic that would be called to transport on court ordered committals, medical runs inside of Northville State and Clinton Valley State Hospitals and later in the Emergency Room where there was nowhere for them to go after they closed. Most went to relatives or the street unless they had private insurance which they didnt.

President Reagan favored outpatient mental health vs. inpatient thinking it would save money.

The problem was:

  • Many did not have transportation for outpatient.
  • Refused to go to outpatient 
  • Therefore, could not get their medications.
  • If they did get their medications, many did not take them.
  • Inpatient facilities were only available to those with private insurance or VERY expensive OR no beds available.
  • Hospitals did have inpatients,however,a small number of beds and always full. Sometimes patients were in 4 point restraints in the hall the same place when I came in for my next shift.
  • They could be violent towards family members they lived with and family members became victims.
  • We lost our psychiatric intake centers. They became our emergency rooms.
  • Some of the patients I committed were so violent, a police officer would ride in back with me and the police car would follow.

These tend to be the ones in jail and its the wrong place for them. I once took a patient out of Northville State that put a knife in her eye because the voices told her to so I left it in and wrapped it. She said it didn't hurt. When internal pain is greater than external pain-this calls for 24 hour care. 

Suicide watches should be inpatient 24 hr care.

When it comes to opioid or other narcotic withdrawal-I feel this should be inpatient with 24 hr medical support and inability to go out and buy more. 

My design would be specialized. Acute care, suicide, narcotic withdrawal...

Inpatient care also includes support groups, so these patients know they are not alone. It also provides help for the families. Sometimes social work gets involved. Support groups open to public.

We take care of our physical health but pay little attention to our mental health.

In one country- it is trendy to have a therapist.


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