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Affordable Health Care

We have the best health care IN THE WORLD.

We are not a broken system- we are a different system.

We are the leaders in research and medical cures in a for profit open market system.

I want to propose direct patient care health care model for our nation and it's going to start here in the 12th district. No more prior authorizations. Wholesale medications AND it doesn't matter if you have prior health conditions or citizenship!

I have a background in medical research. Our free system is why we are the leaders of the world in medical research. This is a win-win because private insurance can be kept. 


Healthcare without the Insurance


Unlimited access to your doctor without co-pays or deductibles. Visit in person or chat via text, phone, or email, perfect for individuals and groups. Get primary care services like preventive care, urgent care, managing chronic diseases, and mental healthcare, all included in one low membership!

Local or Virtual

Not located near one of our clinics but still want great care around the clock? Consider a low cost Virtual Primary Care membership and receive head-to-toe healthcare right from your phone.

✓ Virtual Primary Care
✓ Virtual Urgent Care
✓ Virtual Mental Health

✓ Virtual Dermatology
✓ Care Navigation
✓ Specialty Referrals


Unlimited Access

Contact your doctor anytime by phone, text & email, or see them in person same or next day


Unlimited Visits

Never pay a visit fee again. All in-office & virtual visits are included FREE with your membership.


No Insurance Needed

Choose to combine your membership with an insurance plan or not. The decision is yours.


Wholesale Deals


Get wholesale pricing on meds from our in-house pharmacy and labs, drawn during your appointment.


Direct Patient Care Explained





Dr.Thomas is allowed free samples from the industry, so a vast majority of his patients pay $0 for insulin or other meds. 

Here’s a short list of services included in your DPC membership:

✓ Unlimited primary care
✓ Call, text or email your doctor
✓ Same & next day appointments
✓ 30-60 minutes appointments
✓ Physicals/check-ups
✓ Women’s health
✓ Steeply discounted meds & labs
✓ Sports physicals
✓ Well child visits

✓ Medication management
✓ Stitches or staples
✓ After-hours care when available
✓ Weight-loss management
✓ Ear lavage
✓ Cryotherapy
✓ COPD management
✓ Diabetes management
✓ Lipid management

✓ Chronic disease management
✓ Blood screenings/labs
✓ EKG’s
✓ Wart removal
✓ Blood pressure management
✓ Autoimmune management
✓ Removal of skin lesions
+ More!


These doctors cap their patient load at around 500 patients, so they actually know them.


This is preventative health care which us nurses are big advocates of.

Click books to order

Direct Primary Care: The Cure for Our Broken Healthcare System: Thomas MD, Paul: 9781732403802: Books


. Startup DPC: How To Start And Grow Your Direct Primary Care Practice eBook : Thomas MD, Paul: Kindle Store

Doctors: Click the pic on how to start a DPC practice. Dr. Thomas offers online help with startup costs which is affordable right out of school!

Get out from the corporate umbrella. Make a wage to pay off those loans. Have a normal family life with less stress. Connect with your community. We need you.


For catastrophic insurance-

Aflac has an entire family plan for hospitalization.

Both of these are still less than Obamacare. Even with labs, meds and an MRI or CT if needed!

Other insurance companies can create policies to supplement Direct Patient Care patients. BCBS did not have one, so this really is a new concept in health care. Since insurance is risk based. Catastrophic should be low in an open market and your auto insurance covers accidents and related hospital care.



  This is not concierge care. Concierge care takes insurance and gives you an on-call doctor usually on a fee per month basis for more of a VIP service. This is not an Urgent Care. Urgent care takes insurance or out of pocket could be a few hundred dollars (the cost of half a year) and no doctor-patient ongoing relationship.

Their practice has significantly grown in 4 years!

Locations — Plum Health Direct Primary Care (

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement from Plum Health, however, my endorsement for Dr.Thomas and his staff!

I want one of these health centers in each of


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