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I have a Class B motorhome which I travel in. The past few years there have been increasing areas of no overnight parking, rest areas with maximum hours (no more than 4hrs), hard to find dump stations and campgrounds that do not allow car camping.

Therefore,  interstate service plazas with unrestricted parking, dump stations and waterfills would benefit all of us. I will post a pic of the stations they have in Europe.

In my travels, there are people chosing to not own a house,buy a motorhome and travel the United States. Tourists, especially younger Europeans taking a gap year tend to sleep in cars.Some choose to live in cars to save up for a home. Not everyone staying in their cars are homeless.They are planning ahead. Iceland encourages car camping and has pull off spots on the ring road. 

You cannot overnight park on private property,therefore,  a federal rest area benefits tourism.

Fun Fact:.

It is federally illegal to sleep in your car if drunk. I want to reverse this. I met one person that was arrested for this. She was sleeping it off until safe for her to drive. She had her motor running so she could have heat.Another, I met was in his motorhome. A police knock at the door forced him to move even after the man didnt think it was safe to. 

We need to discourage people from driving impaired and encourage responsibility.


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