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A Trump Policy Supporter

.Another example:

If Jean Carroll said Trump did not rape her nor was it sexual-how can any jury convict let alone over a million dollars in damage for doing nothing?  

She admits it on national tv and a court still convicted him? We cant let this happen.



Operation Warp Speed. One of my favs.The program promoted mass production of multiple vaccines, and different types of vaccine technologies, based on preliminary evidence, allowing for faster distribution if clinical trials confirm one of the vaccines is safe and effective

Title 42:
What is Title 42?
It dates back to a 1944 law known as the Public Health Act, which granted US authorities emergency powers to prevent the spread of diseases.
In March 2020, the Trump administration invoked the statute, citing the need to stop the spread of Covid-19 across its borders. Biden reversed this and God only knows the diseases being brought across. Trump protected us. Biden does not. I visited the border and in San Diego upset they were giving free vaccines to invaders then later learned it was being done on San Diegos dime to protect our citizens.

Calming of North Korea.If you remember when Trump took office-North Korea was the most volatile in history firing short range ballistic missiles into the sea and threatening Taiwan and South Korea. North Korea had a parade showing off his force. This ended with not only de-escalation but the first sitting president to walk across the demiliterized zone, bringing home hostages and 50 of our Korean Conflict bodies. For those of us that want world peace-this was important. Under Biden? Rocketman is at it again.

SpaceX Trump brought back our space program and will maintain it.



-When President Trump made a surprise visit on Christmas Day to our troops-this was MY President. He has always stood by our troops and changed the Rules of Engagement which I had wished for over 20 years.



I liked his accomplishments.For a non-politician to pull this off and this fast,I have never seen with any other President in my lifetime.No wonder the Democrats are afraid of him. More swamp cleaning and more books by fired people that didn't do their jobs:

The American Presidency Project:Fact Sheet - The Historic Results of President Donald J. Trump's First Two Years in Office


PBS- Biden's Accomplishments First Two Years




Very clear to me who the better candidate is. 


The raid on Maralago should have enraged everyone like it did me. Maralago is like Fort Knox vs a garage. What we are watching is communist. If you dont agree with the government-they will attack your family, friends, collegues. Whether you like someone or not- this sets a precidence on what the government can do to us. 80,000 (armed) IRS agents are whom we do not want at our door targeting for beliefs. Property can be seized which they were trying to do with Trump.

My problem with that is Joe Biden had classified documents which are not allowed as a vice president and totally unsecured in a garage where Hunter and his friends hung out. Hillary ditched 30k emails and scrubbed hard drives AFTER a subpoena. 

-We watch as NY indicts Trump for overvaluating property. You need to understand we can valuate our property worth at any number its up to the bank to get an appraisal for your loan. We know this from buying/selling a house. The bank didnt disagree with him and gave him the loan. The loan has been since paid.This is a waste of taxpayer money.

These same people valued Maralago at 80 million yet the neighbor next to it selling for 151 million and not as nice? WHO evaluated his assets? 

This is what we call weaponization of the justice department that is also targeting a presidential candidate. ALL of these indictments are to keep Trump off of the ballot. Maybe out of 100-one may stick and that the goal or break someones savings





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