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The Constitution does not have gun control. Constitutional carry is without restriction.

Gun control is at the state level such as background checks or waiting times.

Guns are for defense only. 

I would like all that commit a crime with a gun reclassified as domestic terrorists. I want them.seperated from the general prison population to a remote.prison for terrorists. Pulling a gun on someone to take money from a cash register or to jack a care is a terrorist to me.

I got ding'ed by the NRA because I was in favor of a waiting period. Most are suicides so I thought a few days would help not do anything impulsive.

Then, I had a stalker. Changed my mind about a waiting period. If a gun is for defense-you may need one quick.  Wayne Co has over 100,000 gun permits. I should get votes from.gun owners.


Committee to Elect Linda Sawyer
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